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  What is an End-Of-Life Doula? 

An End-Of-Life Doula (or Death Doula) provides non-medical, holistic, practical, and emotional support and guidance to the individual and their circle of support for those preparing for or experiencing critical transformative life changes, end of life, actively dying process, and/or healthy individuals that want to build a comprehensive end of life plan. They are trained and educated in the field of death and dying and the organization required to support in both a logistical and emotional manner. End-Of-Life Doulas can also provide other unique offerings in the realm of death, dying, and loss based on their unique skill set. The National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) is an essential resource to understand the scope of practice for End-Of-Life Doulas. Organically Human adheres to the Doula Model of Care included on the NEDA website.

Disclaimer: An End-Of-Life Doula is not a licensed attorney, funeral director, therapist, medical professional, or any other licensed profession. Organically Human is an added layer of support and connects others with licensed professionals when there are needs outside of an End-Of-Life Doulas scope of practice. 

Our Story

From a young age, I have been curious about mortality and digging into what truly makes us human beings. Through different variations of loss, anxieties, fears I found myself attached to, the importance of living a present life, and holding space for both the light and darkness of others - I was drawn to death work because it brought forth all the complexities of being human. Life and death is the most sacred, terrifying, beautiful, and mysterious experience that we get to journey on so just as I do in life - why not make sure to learn about the importance of a conscious death, lean into the unknown, and bring forth the same comfort and education for others. Death will touch our lives at some point and I believe how we feel supported, empowered, and knowledgable can make a hard thing a little less distressing. I am a certified Going with Grace End-Of-Life Doula, Hearth Hospice Volunteer, and National End-Of-Life Doula Alliance Member. I have a BA in Communication Studies which has leveraged my emotional intelligence, ability to distinguish my audience's needs, and how to be an active listener for those to arrive at their own decisions. I have worked in the real estate industry for six years which has enhanced my resourcefulness, relationship building, problem solving, and project management skills. I dedicate my work to my Aunt Ali, other beloveds that I have lost, and who I have had the honor to usher out of this world. 


 Organically Human's philosophy is acknowledging the human experience of living and dying with emphasis on the idea that we all have our own story, own pain, own values, and own beauty - which is all worth holding. Our core values are advocacy, compassion, and autonomy. Our offerings are there for you to unpack what matters most to you, how you can feel at peace in either the emotional or logistical side, and what it may take to feel like you or your beloved has fully lived, even if their time here is short. In our journey, our commitment to you is that we are not here to fix anything but to validate your experience and figure out the best route to move through it together.​​​ Organically Human is based in Chattanooga, TN but also offers virtual services.

Meet End-Of-Life Doula: Meg Freeman

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