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Hands Up
thoughtful design on normalizing the human experience
Holding space for the human
experience of living and dying



Hi beloved, thank you for visiting.

At Organically Human, we understand that the journey towards life's end is as significant as its beginning. Founded by Megan, a compassionate, dedicated, and trained End-Of-Life Doula, our mission is to offer support, comfort, and guidance to those transitioning from this world and affirming the human experience. 

How can we make an unfathomable journey a little less hard? 

End-Of-Life Doula Megan's calling is unique – she stands as a beacon of peace and solace in times when paths feel impossible. Her role transcends traditional boundaries, offering not just companionship but a deep, heartfelt connection and respite for those in their final stages of life, including their circle of support. Her services include offerings for any stage of living and dying such as those that are healthy, facing critical transformative life changes, serious or terminal illness, and other supportive offerings such as maternal fetal loss and remembrance poems. These offerings cover practical and logistical support, emotional and companionship support,  and grief and bereavement support. We aim to fill in the gaps where needed honoring life, love, and legacy. Her approach is holistic and deeply respectful, ensuring that every individual's journey is honored in a way that resonates with their personal beliefs, desires, and life. 

How can we work together? 

We are here to meet you where you're at and hold space for your life and circumstances. Our journey together varies person to person and is based on the unique needs of you or your beloved through all phases of the human experience. The sooner we can work together, the more meaningful and impactful the process can be. Feel free to read through our offerings to see what may align with your goals. If you would like to discuss more, you can schedule a free discovery call on our Book Call page. Feel free to contact us beforehand if you have initial questions. 


"I tragically lost my sister and Meg stepped into the shoes of a guiding light for me through the hardest, most painful moments of my life. The level of care she provided for my emotional and spiritual well being was intuitive and just what I needed. When most people would run away, Meg pulls in closer to give you the space to grieve and mourn in a way that reflects your love for your loved one. She breathes in more life to death, if that makes sense." 

- Briana Burrows 

In love & honor of Lauren Amera Burrows
"Meg made sure I felt supported before, during, and after my mom's passing. She helped me find moments of peace and clarity amidst the chaos and reminded me that I was not alone in my grief. She supported myself and my family in a way no one else could have. I am forever grateful for Meg's support during such a difficult and sacred time. We laughed, cried, and truly were able to honor my mother in a way that I know she would be proud of." 

- Caitlin Faith 

In love & honor of Belinda Farnum-Faith
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